Unit 2 – Question 1

The key difference between Cyber Security, Cyber Awareness, Cyber Safety lies in the fact that
Cyber Security focuses protecting data and information networks. It is intended to protect data from any form of threat.
Cyber Safety focuses on people while cybersecurity involves information. It means protecting users from harmful online content.
Cyber Awareness focuses on how much end-users know about the Cyber Security threats their networks face. As far as I understand it is the combination of both knowing and doing something to protect one person’s information assets.

In my opinion all 3 concepts are confusing, so they need to be introduced, so the students understand the nature of these concepts and don’t misuse them. But Cyber Security fundamentally belongs to responsibilities of managers and skilled professionals. My students are at primary and secondary level. So I think I would focus on Cyber Awareness and Cyber Safety. It is very important for the students to know how to go online safely, especially on social media platforms as well as strengthen their identity safety. Topics will be covered:
– Main features of 3 concepts. Furthermore, I will teach my students about :
+ Multi-Layer Cyber (Zero Trust Model)
Picture 1:
(Source: CSER Graphic)

Picture 2:
(Source: https://dzone.com/articles/cyber-safety-vs-cybersecurity-whats-the-difference, Cyber Security & Infrastructure Security Agency USA)

– Cyber Awareness:
+create strong password and 2 factor authentication
+ awareness of data use and misuse
+ Cyber-attack awareness
+ Knowing online date is permanent and the students should consider every posts/images on social platforms. Cyber bully is forbidden.
– Cyber safety:
+Citing original authors
+Collaborating responsibly
+Sharing thoughtfully. Students need to think twice before sharing news on social media.
+Consider “digital footprint”
+Follow the code of ethics of teachers
+Applying safe settings
+Being careful with devices and tools, never leave your phone/laptop unattended or give them to someone you don’t know well. Being careful with the place where you store private and sensitive data.

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