Unit 2 – Question 1

My thoughts on some of the differences between cybersecurity, cyber awareness and cyber safety.
Cybersecurity is the job of protecting electronic systems, networks, computers, mobile devices, programs and data from targeted malicious digital attack companies.

Cyber ​​awareness is the end-user’s knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity best practices and cyber dangers.

Cyber safety is prevent risks online, also helps to defend against the effects of such risks.

  The key difference between cybersecurity, network awareness and cyber safety depends on what you are viewing, how you are using the network and whether it is safe to do so. Cybersecurity ensures that the content we are using is not dangerous, such as viruses and cyberattacks that can penetrate our technological devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs and laptops. Cuber's perception is to be aware of the dangers of browsing the net. Therefore, network safety ensures that your responsibility and safety is online.      I think teaching about cybersecurity, awareness and safety is essential for students as people become more and more dependent on technology. Furthermore, studying these criteria will help them protect their information online.

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