Unit 2 – Task – Question 1

Cyber security, cyber awareness, and cyber safety are sometimes used interchangeably because of their similar definition. However, there are some tiny differences among them.

Basically, cyber security focuses on information while cyber safety involves people who use internet. In school, cyber safety concentrates on protecting students from viewing explicit or violent content on networks and computers, and from bullying and other inappropriate behavior. These tools manage domains and content through filters to prevent toxic information from students and alert teachers or staff when intervention is essential.

On the other hand, cyber security focuses on protecting school technology infrastructure, such as networks, computers, cloud applications, and data from cyberattacks. Cyber security saves teacher, students, and staff from identity theft such as birthday dates, addresses, social insurance numbers, etc in order to secure information carefully. Furthermore, cyber security also guarantees the continuity of classes. For instance, if hacker attacks a school’s network, teachers, staff, and students can not access their data stored on the cloud. Cyber security prevents this problem happened.

Additionally, cyber awareness focuses on building persons’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviors in protecting individual information and assets. When a company’s workers are cyber security aware, it means they understand what cyber threats are, the potential influence of a cyberattack. Thus, they know how to stop risks and prevent cybercrime access their online workplace. Similarly, in school, cyber awareness should be paid attention to. Enhancing knowledge and perception of teachers, staff and students about cyber security is critical. It makes their attitudes and behaviors positively when their knowledge increases.

The differences among cyber security, cyber safety, and cyber awareness are presented in the following picture as:

Source: CSER (2021). Digital Technologies Education. Retrieve from https://csermoocs.appspot.com/cyber_secondary/unit?unit=1&lesson=12

In our school what is a public university, cyber security is concerned significantly although it is not perfect as private one. We have tried to protect personal information and our online class by many ways. For example, students who want to access UpToDate website to find, read, or download data, they must use their student emails that each student has from they registered to entrance university. Individually, I have used Kaspersky anitivirus program to protect my laptop as well as accessing the strange websites.

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