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Task 4 – Question 3

Question 3 : Share your thoughts on what you imagine to be the future of cyber attacks. Consider the types of information we store and share online today. What information will hackers try to get in the future? What approaches do you think they will use?
While the Internet is a valuable tool for enhancing learning and development, it also comes with potential risks of unreliable content, cyber attacks for examples. A cyber attack is one way hackers can gain unauthorized access to others’ computers and data. Sometimes people perform attacks with the intention to destroy devices for fun without any personal gain but most cyber attacks are linked to stealing information. Hackers can take over our computes, websites, applications for their bad purposes, trick people into sharing sensitive personal information.This has become a huge problem for businesses, governments and individuals around the world. When we are online, nothing is truly private.Websites collect personal information by making a record of computer’s ID and IP address. Whether we’re playing games on the Internet, or using apps on our smartphone, it’s easy to forget that others are collecting our personal information. By many ways, a lot of information is collected such as : computer or phone’s technical configurations, email address, locations on phone, usernames, passwords… However, there are limitations with human being solely responsible for monitoring and avoiding cyber attacks, even for those who are cyber security experts. We are faced with the challenge of human error and difficulty in saving online environment.
In the future, I think, hackers are looking forward getting a lot of information to use it for malicious purposes. Our IP address is essential for sending and receiving information online. However, if a hacker knows our IP address, they can use it to seize very valuable information, including our location and online identity. Hackers can get hold of our IP address by many ways : Borrowing our device to find out the IP address, hacking our route to view IP address easily…Using this information as a starting point, they could potentially hack our device, steal our identity, and more. A hacker who has our IP can try all of those ports to brute-force a connection, taking over our phone, stealing our information or installing malware on it. In addition, cybercriminals can frame us for illegal activity to threaten individual security . Someone can get our location and intrude on our privacy in real life from announcing we’re going on holiday on your Facebook, Zalo. As a result, a thief needs to do a little extra digging to find our house and burgle it while we’re away ! Once information has been collected, it can be used and shared . Depending on our privacy settings, digital citizens may have access to our online profiles and can find out what we are doing every day. There are two sides to every story. The information we share can be abused in countless different ways. Cyber criminals use a variety of methods to launch a cyber attack including malware, ransomware,phishing, spyware, DDOS, among other methods. Both black hat hackers and grey hat hackers can gain a wealth of information thanks to many potential holes. Loss of directive information might have major impact on our life and work. Hackers can just as easily access our bank account from your shopping and gaming accounts. It’s only if these accounts are connected to a valid credit card or digital wallet do they become even more valuable. In such cases, not only does the hacker have access our gaming account but they can use it buy even more items within the application. Shopping accounts are more likely to already be linked. Either way, once an account is breached — it’s nothing but pure profit for hacker thereon in.
Techniques that can prevent people from being victims of cyber attacks. To avoid getting hacked, we should use strong passwords or passphrases, check for authentic web addresses, install system security updates often, not install software we don’t trust. On the other hand, we have built our devices and have explored how technology works we could then consider new and innovative ways this technology could be used in the future.

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