Unit 3 – Task – Question 1

The other ways humans can leave traces of information with the use of technology are:

– Register account on a website, social network, apps, games, etc.

– Sent email

– Chat.

– Follow a page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, …

– Search for information on search engines.

– Attend online classes.

– Register for mobile banking, Internet banking, Internet wallet,…


When you send your friend a text, “I just saw a cute cat” is the content of the message.

When the content is sent, additional information about the content is automatically created – in this case, a log of the two phone numbers involved, as well as the time the text was sent, and the location of both phones.

The most common types of data are:

Phone numbers, email addresses, and usernames

Data on location: where your phone is.

date- and time-stamps on phone calls, emails, files, and photos.

Information about the device you are using

The subject lines of your emails.

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