Unit 3 – Question 1

With the use of technology and its applications to serve the needs of work, life and entertainment, we all leave personal information that organizations can use for their purposes. These purposes may or may not be good. And I believe that it is very inevitable not to let personal information leak out. It is important that we use measures to protect our information and to recognize to what extent information can be shared.

At organizations such as schools, we collect information through users’ use of social media for the purpose of providing educational advice, assisting applicants with information about their field of interest, and answering questions about the majors they wish to apply to. When our candidates click to view the school’s website or fanpage, their personal information will be poured into a tool we call a funnel. This tool enables us to obtain information that candidates provide publicly on their social media pages. For example, the candidate’s name, date of birth, location, etc. From there, we determine the candidate’s demographics and will have recruitment campaigns suitable for each target group in different regions.

In addition, when a candidate learns about a certain discipline by clicking on a link, it means that this candidate is having a special interest in that course. This information will be recorded by us and we will be able to classify applicants into different groups by course. We will send them more information about that discipline and its equivalents for their reference.

When the candidate decides to research deeper into the field of study by starting a conversation with the educational consultant, the candidate will answer a few pre-set questions on the chatbox and thus the candidate will be tagged with interest and classified again based on the content provided by the candidate to help the organization better understand the candidate’s needs. Of course, these questions are not very private or not supposed to contain sensitive information. They must be tailored to the ultimate purpose of providing support to the candidates with selected information and helping candidates choose the right major.

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