Unit 3 – Task – Question 3

I have found a website that supports my teaching about security in apps:

This website aims at helping kids practice smart internet habits and stay safe online. It provides lesson plans and materials, URL for students. There is suitable content for each grade. Topic covered in secondary years:
– 6th Grade : Don’t Feed the Phish – How can you protect yourself from phishing?; Chatting Safely Online – How do you chat safely with people you meet online?
– 7th Grade: Big, Big Data- How do companies collect and use data about you?; My Social Media Life – How does social media affect our relationships?
– 8th Grade: Being Aware of What You Share – How can you protect your privacy when you’re online?; Sexting and Relationships – What are the risks and potential consequences of sexting?
– 9th Grade: The Big Data Dilemma – What are the benefits and drawbacks of online tracking?; Chatting and Red Flags – How can you tell when an online relationship is risky?


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