Unit 4 – task – question 2

Create or find a classroom resource that teaches students about creating strong passwords, passcodes, or passphrases.

How to create a strong password

  • What is a good password, hard to crack and easy to remember?
    • Remember to avoid personal information – common words.
  • Create the password checklist
    • More than six characters, better if you can choose eight or more.
    • The different passwords for each site.
  • Practice creating the password:
    • Star the same way, something unique
    • Use caps from website.
    • Finish with favourite number.
  • Remember when you change password:
    • After 2-3 months.
    • When you get suspicious email from strangers.

To make sure their password is strong or not, I would ask my students to test how secure their passwords are on this website:


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