Unit 5 – Question 1

Code of ethics statements for using technology at the workplace.

  1. Only install and use software that the management has approved. This not only helps keep your devices and connections safe, but it also ensures copyright in the use of software. The software designed and developed is the intellectual product of its creator, so we should have some respect for the copyright of the software.
  2. Keep your password private. Do not share the device password with other team members. In case someone wants to use your device, they must obtain your permission without revealing the password and use it under your supervision.
  3. Always double check that you are sending a message to the right recipient. Do not send sensitive data over the network.
  4. Do not download unknown files or files for private use, such as movies and music.
  5. Store and back up work-related data on organization-issued devices or on the cloud using the organization’s account. Do not distribute these materials outside for commercial purposes or other purposes that conflict with the benefits of the organization.
  6. Must tell supervisor or IT help desk about any damage, misuse, irregularities or security breaches.
  7. Do not share negative comments about the person or organization you are working for on forums or even on personal social network accounts. This defamation may satisfy your anger, but it will damage the image of the organization and subsequently lower your own worth.
  8. Use organization email only for business purposes. Do not use organization email with a personal name to comment on forums, social networking sites.
  9. Agree on and follow office health and safety standards.

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