Unit 2- Questinon 1

Explain what you think are some of the key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety. To what extent are you teaching these in the classroom or do you think they should be taught?
The world is always towards development and community connection, especially on the internet, allowing everyone to have the rights to access information freely. However, this is also a loophole that creates many network security attacks, such as the case of stealing confidential information and data, or selling information for unauthorized purposes, which leads to unfair competitions between organizations or social unsustainable development. Therefore, any business, organization or individual needs a network security system to protect information and at the same time, prevent illegal behaviors. This is the reason why nowadays, in information technology sector, the specialized terms of cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety as well as educating them for the end users attract more users’ attention.
Before analyzing the main differences among three terms “cyber security”, “cyber awareness” and “cyber safety”, we need to clearly understand what they are.
Cyber security is an integrated system of activities to ensure the safety of information and data on computers, servers and mobile devices from attacks via the Internet.Today, organizations and individuals often collect, process, and store critical amounts of data on computers and other devices for inviolable access because these data are confidential, intellectual property, personal information or other types of data for which unauthorized access could have negative consequences. Then, they transmit critical data over the internet and to other devices in the course of their operations and purposes. Additionally, the number of external Hackers who aim at stealing data and personal information increases, and cyber security attacks become more and more sophisticated, especially when new technologies emerge and technology is used in new or different ways. This leads to the urgent requirement to build up a network security system with technologies, activities, and processes to deploy network safety tools, and continuously update the system as technology changes and develops. Cyber security’s functions mainly are to process and store information in the system and at the same time to warn hackers from unauthorized entries, protect data from attacks, viruses or malicious softwares that harm computer systems. People can apply this system by using cloud system in storing data, using different layers of security for different sources of information.

To help cyber security system be used effectively, users’ awareness plays an important role. This is called cyber awareness which refers to the level of awareness and understanding of the end users about cyber security best practices and the cyber threats facing their networks or organizations everyday. A small research shows that when the volume of cyber threats becomes more rampant and new threats come into focus, what remains consistent is human errors as sophistiaced impersonation attacks are behind over 90% of cyber breaches. Thus, increasing cyber security awareness among users will undoubtedly help to prevent more cyber security threats. For example, Email-born threats have always targeted human beings, duping them into clicking on links, opening attachments or providing passwords and personal information that can be used to penetrate cyber security defenses. It doesn’t matter how much the organization has invested in the latest cyber security tools or the most sophisticated cyber security strategies – if their users can’t spot a suspicious link or a fraudulent email, their defenses are likely to be compromised.This is the reason why cyber security awareness training for users could solve a big problem.
Besides, Cyber safety can be defined as a set of measures meant to promote the safe usage of the internet and prevent exposure to internet malware, fraud, or theft. It can be seen as an important factor because it concerns anyone with even the slowest connection to the internet. Anyone can be exposed to internet fraud, and malware is present at more locations on the internet than users’ imagination. Cyber safety helps people understand how these different types of cyber attacks can impact internet uses, and what measures can people take to defend themselves. Making the entire internet user community aware of Cyber Safety measures and keeping them updated with the pitfalls and risks they are exposed to may be a constructive step to curb cyber crimes. For example, one of the cyber attacks is computer viruses which are essentially programs or files that enter computers from a questionable or untrustworthy source, and then these can cover a significant amount of space in computers, collect data, and send this information back to their source. If cyber safety is fully applied, it means that antivirus software is set up, computers will be protected.

In summary, it is undeniable that the internet has had numerous benefits for people of all backgrounds, vocations, and demographics although it also has its drawbacks. As more and more people have been gaining access to the internet, the need for educating them about cyber safety has also increased. When computer and other devices are fully set up cyber security system, data and information can be protected. However, it also requires clever users who know how to say “No” with threats and potential risks. Indeed, Internet users, including students need to be aware of the way to use smart devices with cyber connection. Therefore, teaching cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety is actually a matter of necessity. Only when people understand the importance of cyber safety, aware of cyber attacks’ impacts, people could have safe and secure information systems and networks. In Vietnam, cyber safety has been a budding professional avenue, which has been teaching users several new things and changing how people surf the internet as well.

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