Unit 4 – Task – Question 2

Question 2: Create or find a classroom resource that teaches students about creating strong passwords, passcodes or passphrases.

How to create a strong password

1. Do not use sequential numbers or letters
For example, do not use 1234, qwerty, jklm, 6789, etc.

2. Do not include your birth year or birth month/day in your password

3. Use a combination of at least eight letters, numbers, and symbols
For example, M0l#eb9Qv? uses a unique combination of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

4. Combine different unrelated words in your password or passphrase
For example, 9SpidErscalKetobogGaN.

5. Do not use names or words found in the dictionary
For example, P8tty0G#5dn for “patio garden.”

6. Use a password manager to store your passwords
Do not store your passwords in a document on your computer.

7. Do not reuse your passwords

Remember never to share your passwords with anyone. This includes your colleagues, the IT/support team, customer service/helpdesk personnel, family members, and friends.

Resource: https://terranovasecurity.com/how-to-create-a-strong-password-in-7-easy-steps/

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