Unit 2 – Question 3

Lesson plan: Data Crumbs and Security

Level: Year 8

Keywords: Data types, Data sharing, Content, Personal Information, User Behaviour, Privacy Protection.

Type of resource: slide desk https://universityofadelaide.app.box.com/s/mzbf3hj6agf3m2ncedoaozwk4fccftpi

Timeframe: 45 minutes


  • Review the data chart (slide 2) with students. These are the data crumbs that we leave when we navigate online. There are three categories of Data that we share including: Content, Personal Information and User Behaviour.
  • Brainstorm examples of each of these and what they might look like online. Show slide 5-6 as a summary.
  • Brainstorming with students the types of apps that students use or have used. Building on the examples of data students brainstormed in the previous task to consider the types of data we share within apps. When we use apps and software we share a lot of data about ourselves and our lives. Think about the types of data we share when we are using Google Maps, Grab, Instagram, Tiktok and Netflix.
  • As a whole class brainstorm the data crumbs left behind when using these apps. Use the slide 12 as an example layout and discuss the kinds of data shared when using a specific app. Discuss how it relates back to the areas of data — Content, User Behaviour and Personal Information. Invite students to consider other information they could add to this table.
  • Students can choose their own app (one that they use frequently or one that they research) and brainstorm the data crumbs that are shared when designing this app, particularly in relation to upper three categories (use slide 13).
  • Ask students to think about security design and awareness recommendations we can make to protect app users: Have students examine the content shared when using this app and consider the layers of security for this data. Who has access to this information? How can we protect this data? Students consider if they were designing a database how could they secure this information to protect users? What advice would they give users of the app to ensure they have increased privacy and protection?


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