Unit 4 – Question 2

Create or find a classroom resource that teaches students about creating strong passwords, passcodes or passphrases.

The best passwords are long, hard-to-guess, and unique. Use a minimum of 15 to 20 characters, don’t base your password on anything that’s easy for someone to learn about you, and never reuse passwords across multiple accounts. Good password ideas satisfy all three of these requirements.

A passphrase is a string of unrelated words that you use as a password. Because they’re made of words, passphrases are often easier to remember than conventional passwords. It’s the sheer length of a good passphrase, as well as the randomness of the words in it, that makes it so secure.

The key to a good passphrase is randomness — the words you use to create a passphrase should not have an obvious connection between them. A good passphrase example is overripe-trekker-angular-envision-letter, while a passphrase like apple-pear-banana-orangewould be much easier to crack.

(source: https://www.avg.com/en/signal/how-to-create-a-strong-password-that-you-wont-forget)



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