Unit 4 – Question 2

Lesson plan: Create strong password

Level: Year 6

Keywords: password, passphrase, special character, tips.

Type of resource: Video

Timeframe: 45 minutes


  • Warm up: Divide students into two groups. The groups will alternate sending a team member (captain) to the front of the class. Write a phrase of characters over their head, so the teammates can see and read it, but the captain cannot. The team must give the captain hints (not using the word in question) until he/she guess the phrase or time runs out (1-2 minutes). The team with the most points wins. Have one team’s turn last until they run out of time (5-6 minutes), then switch. This gives an advantage for correctly guessing more quickly. Each team can have the same captain for the entire time, or you can require them to switch for every phrase.
  • Have students discuss to explain why some phrase are difficult to guess in the game. From there, ask students to write down tips for creating high-security passwords using for their online accounts.
  • Let’s students watch the instructional video. They are advised to take note of the tips included in the video.
  • Students discuss and compare the tips they have with the tips in the video and summarize themselves on how to create a strong password or passphrase.


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