Unit 5 – Question 1

Share with us your top 5-10 code of ethics statements for using technology in the classroom or your professional workplace.

There are some ethics statements for using technology that I love. These are:

1. Always give credit to original source. Students learn about the importance of using online citations to respect copyright laws and prevent copy.

2. Self-image is important. Kids need to learn how future employers look up candidates’ social media accounts to see how they represent themselves in public.

3. Explore appropriate and safe sites for learning and research. Many websites contain inaccurate or false information. Students need to learn how to evaluate websites and assess whether they can trust the content. They can also make considerable comparison between sources of information.

4. Take care of technology equipment. Students must learn to watch what they download, click and share to prevent malware and spyware.

5. Prevent cyberbullying. Teaching students about cyberbullying requires discussing not only its definition but also how hurtful and damaging it can be.

(source: https://online.nwmissouri.edu/articles/education/ethics-technology-use-classroom.aspx)



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