QTS – Unit 2 – Question 2

Question 2: Share with the community a way you would like to introduce data transmission in computer networks into the classroom. It could be using any of the resources in the MOOC, a resource you have found or your own idea

While Cyber security involves protecting computers, networks, programs, and data through robust computer science technology and systems, Cyber awareness is a term about ensuring you have the correct knowledge, attitudes as well as behaviors of using technology in protecting information and assets. And the last one, Cyber safety is the term about managing and collaborating on cyber space safety and responsibility. This is a particularly important notion for teachers to understand and teach to their students, as it ensures that we both protect ourselves and others in the cyber space.


All three concepts above involve the taught knowledge of the user to ensure students are aware of all aspects of the use of the cyber space. In my opinion, these concepts are important for my students because keeping their own information (digital footprint) safe and ensuring the software that they are using safe & in good condition are the basic knowledge they need to understand properly in order to prevent all possible risks in cyber space.

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