unit 2 question 1

Unit 2 Task 1: Explain what you think are some of key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety. To what extent are you teaching these in the classroom or do you think they should be taught?
My answers:
– Cyber security is the technology or safe security techniques to minimize the number of cyber attacks. It is designed to protect computers, networks, and data from unauthorized access, vulnerabilities or attacks delivered via the internet by cyber criminals/ attackers.
– Cyber awareness refers to how much end –users know about cyber security threats their networks face, the risks they introduce and mitigate security best practice to guide their behavior.
– Cyber safety is used to defend from hackers or virus. The application of cyber security used in our PC needs update every week. The security developers will update database every week once so that the new virus will also be depleted.
– As a teacher at a high school, our students some what know about these terms. They may be taught in information technology lessons or informatics. However, As an English teacher, I don’t know much about it even I often use some online websites to design the tasks for my students to do in English lessons.
– I think it is very necessary for our students to have deeper understanding about this area. I suggest that there will be more online courses so that our students can take.


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