Unit 4 – Question 2

Cybercriminals know that most people created passwords that are easy to remember and will often reuse the same password across multiple accounts. Therefore, to help students create strong passwords, I give them some tips:

  1. Do not use sequential numbers or letters.

(For example: 1234, abcd, 6789, etc.)

2. Do not include your birth year or birth month/day in your password.

3. Use a combination of at least eight letters, numbers, and symbols.

(For example: M0l#eb9Qv?)

4. Combine different unrelated words in your password or passphrase.

(For example: 9SpidErscalKetobogGaN.)

5. Do not use names or words found in the dictionary.

(For example, P8tty0G#5dn for “patio garden.”)

6. Use a password manager to store your passwords.

7. Do not reuse your passwords.



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