unit 4 question 3

Unit 4 question 3
There are three common types of hacking, white hat, black hat, and grey hat hacker. Even though all types of hacking are considered detrimental and illegal, the organizations should hire white hackers to find the errors in their system and attack against black and grey hat hackers.
Understanding the dangers of hacking is very important to protect personal information and raise awareness of using the social networking site sensibly and appropriately.
This should be started as soon as students engage in any social or digital activities.
With the advancements in technology and AI, things can improve so fast that hackers can easily access into your device and steal your information.
In order to protect ourselves from hackers, it is important to think carefully before you access or update your password or share your information.
In the future there are some ransomware threats. Ransomware is now being incorporated into larger attack campaigns, where adversaries steal sensitive information before encrypting a target’s data, and they also attempt to prevent data recovery practices by preemptively targeting backup and recovery tools.
AI technology can read personal information from websites or search engine people use daily. This will help attackers detect users’ activities then steal the data.


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