QTS_Unit 2_Question 1

As far as I’m concerned, cyber safety is the exercise of defensive computers, networks, programs, and statistics from virtual assaults via safety design, safety controls and protection, safety recognition and consumer behavior. As for cyber awareness, it is simply as essential as cyber protection to recognize the capacity threats to protection and the understanding and talents of customers to keep away from those threats. And finally, cyber safety  includes the information and abilties we will undertake to make sure we behave adequately and responsibly online. Having said that, these key concepts are different somehow but they are extremely vital for people who process the technology in terms of security design, security protection and security education and awareness.

For the time being, I absolutely believe that they should be taught in the classroom. Student must be aware of the risk when they are being online. They must learn to behave as a good digital citizen when they interact, collaborate in online space. Additionally, they have to realize that cyber awareness is as essential as  any other skills because without knowing the potential threats of cyber usage they are not be able to protect themselves and avoid these threats.

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