Unit 2 – Question 1

*There are a few major differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety. Cyber security contains protecting the whole system of computers, networks and data, of a particular company for example. Cyber awareness, however, means raising individual awareness in protecting personal information, whereas cyber safety means collaborating with partners in a safe way.  

*Lesson plan that I use to teach my students about these three terms:

– Students targeted: secondary students

– Time period: 60 minutes

– Lesson objective: to help students distinguish 3 terms (cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety), and to raise their awareness in protecting their personal identity while using the internet. 

– Activities: 

  • Pictionary game: draw these terms on the board, then have students guess what they are
  • Ask them what is the key differences among them
  • Correct and complete students’ answer 
  • Ask students for examples of each type
  • Ask students to have a brief role play about the topic 

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