Unit 2 – Question 1

Online Security
Cyber security covers the fundamental of topics from the practice of protecting information to cyber awareness and cyber safety.

Cyber means relating to the culture of computers and security is the state of being free from danger or threat (OxfordDictionaries). Cyber security plays a irrational role as the first shield for school, teachers, and students from digital attacks. Old curriculums do not fit in 21st century changes. As learners are the center of education, teachers need to teach not only about computers, networks, programs but also security controls for our students.

In the early 21st century, a digital citizen refers to a person who use digital technologies effectively and responsibly for their knowledge and skills. Schools may supply their faculty and digital tools to help students practice and prepare for digital problems. Students perhaps use their knowledge within cyber awareness and safety, which are essential to be trained and used everyday.

Students in secondary school should be taught and engaged in digital technologies while creating and applying their very first product as it’s a relevant context within cyber security. Throughout the process, they will be learned about collecting, saving, and using their data. Students may share their results by sharing and

As a higher level, high school students probably continues to see more contents of cyber security, they should be running on different investigation, details data to create digital solutions. They are expected to able to communicate and share ideas, information within the fact of social context. They are encouraged to share it online to raise other awareness via the internet by using digital tools. AustCyber is a helpful resource for students and teachers like a curriculum.

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