Unit 2 – Task

We should make data transmission essential in every classroom. As we may know, web surfing is a basic skill that many students have been able to master through years of watching YouTube music videos, searching for a nice coffee shop, and playing online games. Yet, a very few numbers could grab the basic concept of cyber security, and specifically, data transmitting in computer networks. There could be some ways to help those students to understand how it works.

  • Give the definition of data transmission.

  • Provide a transit network map.

  • Give each student a starting point and a destination.

  • Have each student individually come up with a route from their starting point to their destination.
  • Have them answered questions such as: Is the shortest journey always the fastest? When you need to change methods, does that journey tend to be longer or shorter? What other factors haven’t been taken into account that may change the time of that journey?,…
  • Provide a key terminology used with data transmission in networks and explain each of them.

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