QTS_Unit 4 _Question 2

Protecting computers and personal information from leakage is an important issue for users. Therefore, each user needs to have a sense of heightened vigilance, especially proactively protecting ourselves from external influences. There are many ways to do this, but in my opinion, the most effective way is to create password, passcode, or strong passphrase.

In order to create and guide students about creating strong passwords, passcodes or passphrases, we should explain to them how a password, passcode, or strong passphrase is.

A password is a secret word or combination of letters or numbers ( a string of characters ) used for authenticating a user to give them the right to access information on a computer system .

Strong passwords are the ones that are difficult to guess and often require a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols. Strongest passwords require a minimum of 16 characters, however, a password between 8 and 16 is s aid to provide a good level of security .

A passphrase  is similar to a password in usage, but it’s longer and more secure. There are different guidelines to determine the length os a passphrase . Most passphrases have a minimum requirement of 14 characters. A passphrase can be a phrase that the user can easily remember but is hard to be guessed by the others. Passhrases can have upper and lower case characters, blanks and special characters .

I think, by this way, students can create a password, passcode, or strong passphrase easily by themselves .


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