QTS_Unit 2_Task_LTDuc

Data communication in the computer network is a big topic and needs much time to cover.

Because the data communication is conducted based on the computer network concept, the best way to teach data communication is to teach computer network basics firstly.

The plan that I am going to use to teach about data communication is as follows:

  • Giving the real examples of data communication
  • Pointing out the elements and the methods required for transferring data in a network
  • Providing the basic knowledge of OSI model with 7 layers: the physical layer, data-link layer, network layer, transport layer, session layer, presentation layer, and application layer.
  • After that, I will focus on the protocols, methods, and elements, which support the data communication:
    • Physical layer: digital/analog transmission, wired/wireless transmission
    • Data-link layer: Error detection and correction for communication
    • Network layer: Network addressing, routing, network protocols
    • Transport layer: Reliable data transfer (UDP/TCP protocols)
    • Application layer: Client/Server or Peer-to-Peer models

During this process, I will use real examples, simulation tools, and animations to explain each concept as much as possible.

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