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Answer for question: “We have shared a few examples of how information can be extracted from data (such as in your images). What are other ways humans can leave traces of information with the use of technologies?”


We are talking about digital footprint. I think there are two types of digital footprint: passive and active.

For passive type, I mean that people leave their information in digital world without knowing about it. For example, one man uploaded a photo of his family on his birthday to a social networking site, let’s say facebook. However, he accidentally showed in the picture the address of his house or maybe some other private information, such as license plate of his car.

For active type, I want to mention the steganography techniques. I usually play CTF (Capture The Flag) games. In these challenges, player should find the flag (piece of information) by using different techniques and skills. One kind of challenge that we often meet in CTF is steganography, where people put the information in images, audio files, video files… Below are a few examples:

  • Playing an audio track backwards to reveal a secret message
  • Playing a video at a faster frame rate (FPS) to reveal a hidden image
  • Embedding a message in the red, green, or blue channel of an RGB image
  • Hiding information within a file header or metadata
  • Embedding an image or message within a photo through the addition of digital noise

Steganography can also be as simple as embedding a secret message in plain text. Consider the following sentence: “This example contains highly Technical expressions regarding modern simulations.” The first letter of each word produces the hidden phrase, “TechTerms.”

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