Unit 2 Task


Question: Share an activity idea or classroom resource that you have found online or created yourself that involves secondary students exploring ‘privacy’ in data collection for a school project. It could be a video, lesson plan, storybook, song or anything else!

Answer: many thanks for this task which required me to explore my research skills and found variety incredibly resources regarding cyber security for my classroom. Below were what available on YouTube, internet’s image/photo resources and lesson plans. This is definitely helpful for me to apply in my classroom training for students

  1. YouTube example: Cyber Security Songs and Videos

Source: WCF Cyber Security Awareness Program – #ThinkTalkTeach – Internet Safety for Children (English) – YouTube

  1. Images examples: through internet resources

Source: activity idea to teach student for cyber security – Bing images


  1. Cyber Safety Lesson Plan

a. Example: This lesson warns students of internet dangers and equips them to be smarter and safer online. This was designed to be used with High School students.

Goals / Aims
 To build students’ awareness of internet safety
 To teach students to use the internet safely and responsibly
 To teach students what information is appropriate to share and what kinds of interactions to avoid
 Students are aware of possible internet dangers.
 Students understand what steps they can take to protect themselves online.
 Students can list the types of personal information it is not safe to share online.
Materials and Aids
 computer/projection device to show “Facebook Dangers” video, internet safety tips handout, internet safety quizzes

b. Example: Best Cybersecurity Lessons and Activities for K-12 Education
 CodeHS Introduction to Cybersecurity (Vigenere)
 Code.org Cybersecurity – Simple Encryption
 Code.org Rapid Research – Cybercrime
 Common Sense Education Internet Traffic Light

Source: Best Cybersecurity Lessons and Activities for K-12 Education | Tech & Learning (techlearning.com)

c. Example: 5 Ways to Introduce Students to Cyber Security Studies

 Start Early with a Conversation
 Try a Training Camp: There are many digital training or coding camps offered throughout the country, mostly in the summer.
 Play a Game: Targeted Attack: The Game, Cybersecurity Lab, Cyber Awareness Challenge, Keep Tradition Secure, Zero Threat, Game of Threats
 Enter a Competition

Source: 5 Ways to Introduce Students to Cyber Security Studies | Blog (macroconnect.net)


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