Unit 4 Task


Question: Share your thoughts on what you imagine to be the future of cyber attacks. Consider the types of information we store and share online today. What information will hackers try to get in the future? What approaches do you think they will use?



According to a report by Cyber Security Venture in 2021, every 11 seconds, there are a rising in cyber-attack.

I predict that the hackers, especially software/website hackers will be more aggressive in access to computer system of government, banking and finance, consumer industry to steal the data and secret information, until the victim pays “ransom requested by criminal.

In addition, some cyber attack might come from political/economical purposes that involve not only individual but huge illegal organizations behinds.

In Vietnam, my country, due to the lack of cyber security and safety control, especially the lack development of ICT and cyber police, there have been increasing dramatically cyber criminals in banking sectors. There are many cases in newspaper everyday that people are stolen money from visa/credit cards, fraud transaction, ATM threat and personal information disclosure.

It is hard to mitigate the risks to zero tolerance although local government and providers even try themselves best. Thus, it is significant for any of us to have cyber awareness and cyber safety knowledge to self-protect in this environment.


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