QTS_Unit 5_Task_LTDuc

Answer to question: “Find a resource (a website, video or storybook) for teaching a topic related to cyber ethics and share this with the community. Provide a brief explanation.”.


I would like to share a video and a book about cyber ethics to our community. Hope you find it useful!

  • Video: Mark Grabowski provides a short overview of digital ethics. Technological optimism, pessimism and neutrality are discussed along with major ethical frameworks such as utilitarianism and virtue ethics.


  • Book: Computer Network Security and Cyber Ethics


This book focused on increasing public awareness of the nature and motives of cyber vandalism and cybercriminals, the weaknesses inherent in cyberspace infrastructure, and the means available to protect ourselves and our society. It aims to integrate security education and awareness with discussions of morality and ethics. The reader will gain an understanding of how the security of information in general and of computer networks in particular, on which our national critical infrastructure and, indeed, our lives depend, is based squarely on the individuals who build the hardware and design and develop the software that run the networks that store our vital information. Addressing security issues with ever-growing social networks are two new chapters: «Security of Mobile Systems» and «Security in the Cloud Infrastructure.»

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