QTS-Unit 2-Question 1

In the strong development trend of cyberspace, it cannot be denied that it has a great direct impact on people’s perceptions, thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviors.

Cyber ​​awareness is the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors that protect our information assets. Cyber ​​awareness involves paying attention to cybersecurity in everyday situations. Being aware of the dangers of web browsing, checking email and interacting online are all components of Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity awareness.

Cybersecurity focuses on people while cybersecurity deals with the protection of networks, information, data, computers.

Cybersecurity uses technology and software to help protect the physical and mental health of students, faculty and staff in offices and schools. These tools are focused on protecting people from viewing pornography or online violence, and other inappropriate behavior. Children, in particular, have less life experience and are therefore more likely to take risks from: viewing adult photographic materials, revealing personal information, being bullied and harassed.

Cybersecurity protects school, workplace, and institutional technology infrastructure such as intranets, computers, cloud applications, and data from cyberattacks. Think hackers want to get personal information like: Finance, bank, date of birth, address, etc.

I think that cybersecurity, cyber awareness and cyber safety should be taught in the classroom, as these knowledge will help students to protect themselves from digital attacks. They raise students’ awareness of the many opportunities in cybersecurity, with a wide range of exciting cybersecurity jobs.


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