Unit 2 – Question 2

In this post, I would like to share my approach to teach students “How is data transmitted on the Internet?”. This method can be used for Year 8-10 students. Most of students use web applications every day, therefore I use a web application to talk about basic elements of a computer network, network applications and network protocols (for example, HTTP protocol). When students understand what happens between the time they enter a URL into a web browser and the time a web page display in their browsers, they basically understand how data is transmitted on the Internet. In order to simulate networks and data communication in networks, I use Netsim simulations (https://netsim.erinn.io). Moreover, I use Wireshark Labs (https://wiresharklabs.com) to practically analyse packets and the virtual lab – Packet Tracer (https: //www.netacad.com/courses/packet-tracer) – to practice networking and cybersecurity. Groups of two or three students work together to finish these labs. The integration of listening to the teacher and practicing with virtual labs will help students understand the lecture clearly.

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