QTS_Unit 5_Question 1.

Code of ethics statements for using technology in the classroom or your professional workplace.

  1. Fact Check Before Reposting: Awareness of the use of our data is important for everyone as it impacts most aspects of our lives.
  2. Respect People’s Privacy: The internet has many benefits, from connecting people, to potentially exposing them to diverse opinions, to sharing information to name a few. However, some activities within these platforms can cause harm when the behaviour becomes unethical.
  3. Explore appropriate and safe sites for learning and research: -Are you practising safe behaviours? – not downloading malware through plugins and cheat codes or using unsecured WIFI


  1. Prevent cyberbullying: we explore the topics of internet security by unpacking risks to security such as cyber attacks, online scams and the preventive security measures to overcome these threats.
  2. Make use of netiquette.

6.  Abide by copyright laws: Copyright, stipulating sanctions……..

  1. Be responsible, thoughtful and ethical digital users and creators.
  2. Be Careful What You Download: Only install apps from an approved app store;
  3. Choose Strong Passwords: . Most passphrases have a minimum requirement of 14 characters. A passphrase can be a phrase that the user can easily remember but is difficult to be guessed by others. Passphrases can have upper and lower case characters, blanks and special characters.
  4. Be Careful Who You Meet Online: exposure to people across a network that may not be who they say they are.

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