Unit 2- Question 1

Cyber security is a process that protects sensitive data, networks, and software applications from cyberattacks. Cyber attacks can be considered resource extraction, unauthorized access to systems, ransomware attacks to encrypt data, and extract money.
Cyberspace today has become a new social space where humans can perform acts of communication, creativity, labor, production, consumption, learning and entertainment, unrestricted by space and time. However, along with the enormous benefits, cyberspace is creating risks and challenges to national security, human security and social order and safety.
Cybersecurity is aimed at protecting data from attackers, which is important for all individuals and organizations. This is an integral part of cyber threat mitigation strategies. The most important thing is to achieve sustainability in cyberspace, thereby securing data and protecting information.
I think students are at a pretty dangerous level because in the current era of technology, students have strong access to the internet, so it is necessary to learn about cybersecurity.

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