Unit 2 – Question 1

Unit 2 – Question 1
Network security
Cybersecurity is the protection of computer networks from theft or damage to hardware, software, and other types of data, as well as the causes of disruptions, misplacement, and corruption. direction of the services currently being offered. Examples include protecting electronic systems, networks, computers, mobile devices, programs and data from targeted malicious digital attacks. Cybercriminals can deploy a variety of cyber attacks to gain control over computer systems, servers, alter or delete sensitive data, extort money, etc.
Network awareness
In today’s world, the role of the internet and computer networks is very important and the threat on the internet is also very serious. Especially with the development of new technologies in the world, issues such as digital transformation, cloud computing, IoT… are happening very strongly. Therefore, all network users must have a change in awareness and ways of dealing with threats on the internet. We not only need to invest in creating software solutions, but also promote information security awareness training for users, equipping them with knowledge about network information security.
Network safety
Cybersecurity includes the adoption and maintenance of processes related to the early detection of cyber threats and risk reduction. Cybersecurity aims to protect data from attackers, which is very important for all individuals and organizations. It is an integral part of cyber threat mitigation strategies. What matters most is achieving sustainability in cyberspace, thereby securing data and protecting information.

* I teach computer network security, network awareness, and network safety in the classroom at a level of knowledge and understanding. I think it is necessary to put them into the teaching curricula in schools and other educational institutions as soon as possible and ensure that they are appropriate for each grade level. Help them know how to protect themselves in the cyber environment and use the computer network safely, suitable for each age group of students at all levels.

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