QTS_Unit 4_Question 3

Whether via the spread of malware, spyware or viruses, insiders can do as much damage as outside attackers. Here’s how to prevent computer security threats from insiders.

Here are 10 tips to help you develop and implement an insider threat mitigation strategy. Some may be complex and costly over the long haul, but others simply involve reviewing your processes and policies and applying best practices. The main point is to turn your information security radar inward.

1. Security policy first

2. Don’t neglect physical security

3. Screen new hires

4. Use strong authentication

5. Secure your desktops

6. Segment LANs

7. Plug information leaks

8. Investigate anomalous activities

9. Refocus perimeter tools and strategies

10. Monitor for misuse

URL: https://www.techtarget.com/searchsecurity/feature/Ten-ways-to-prevent-insider-security-threats


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