Unit 2

In my opinion, some of the key differences between cybersecurity, cyber awareness and cyber safety are:

– Cybersecurity


Cyber security protects users from over 30 million cyber attacks per year. Cyber security is the practice of protecting computers, networks, programs, and data from digital attacks through security design, security controls and protection, security awareness and user behaviour.



  • Cyber security is only as good as those who create it, protect it and use it. People, at all stages, play a critical role in cyber security. It can be characterised as a system of people who are involved in designing secure systems, people who maintain security and protection, people who educate about cyber security awareness and those who use digital tools.



– Cyber Awareness

Cyber awareness is just as important as cyber security to understand the potential threats to safety and the knowledge and skills of users to avoid these threats.



One way to increase cyber awareness is through education and policy. This can be education and policies in schools, workplaces or the classroom. Throughout the MOOC you will be introduced to the computer science behind how digital information is stored and shared and the behaviours you can model and teach students to raise their cyber awareness to protect their digital information.

  • Cyber Safety

Cyber safety (or internet safety, online safety and e-safety) is the safe and responsible use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). It’s the idea that we are to behave as good digital citizens when interacting and collaborating in an online space and using technologies.



Cyber safety involves the knowledge and skills we can adopt to ensure we behave safely and responsibly online. In this MOOC we introduce ways that you can model and teach cyber safe behaviours, particularly in our final unit on ethics.



* I haven’t taught my students this yet but I think it’s essential, it’s an important area for students to learn. Because we are well aware of network security and safety, we will keep our personal information secure when participating in using the network for work and study as well as entertainment.


Our world is increasingly becoming dependent on technology and the volume of data generated and shared across the Internet between people, devices, and software is expanding significantly.


In today’s connected world, the knowledge and skills of cyber security is something that everyone from a primary student to adult can benefit from. This includes learning about the basics of cyber security and how to contribute to a safe digital world for everyone. Learning about cyber security and awareness is rewarding and beneficial for everyday digital technology users as well as anyone enthusiastic about the technology.

  • Data Transmission in Networks

In computer networks, data transmission is the process of sending data as packets from a source to a destination. Unlike other networks, the basic unit of communication in a computer network is a data packet. A data packet is created by breaking down data (e.g. image, video, email, chat) into smaller units and then reassembling them to the original data when it reaches the destination.







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