Unit 2- Question 1

Cyber security is a specialized term in the field of information technology. This is an integrated system of activities to ensure the safety of information and data on computers, servers and mobile devices from attacks via the Internet.

Cyber safety is Cyber information security of user in the protection of information and information systems on the network from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, interruption, modification or destruction in order to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and integrity. availability of information.

Both cyber security and Cyber safety aim to protect information. Information security refers to a broader field. In addition to protecting data from threats, it handles analog and digital information. While cybersecurity focuses on digital information and solves the problems of cybercrime, cyberattacks, cyber fraud, law enforcement, etc.

Regarding cyber security, I have taught my students that this is essential when they enter the cyberspace for entertainment or information search or use personal accounts. Because of their lack of understanding on this matter, they can get into trouble or even endanger themselves. However, with my inexperienced knowledge, I only teach students the bare minimum.

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