unit 3

Questions 1:
People can leave personal information when using technology in many ways, such as:
– Log in to your email account, google, facebook, … Log in to any website, websites will quickly collect information by setting cookies on your device.
– Internet search history like google, google map,…
– History of online purchases, flight bookings, restaurant reservations, …
– Go across the street, enter a store with a camera
– Write, like, interact, share or comment on posts on social networks…
Question 2: Some examples of code from history or modern times (digital or non-digital) to inspire or support a lesson in encoding and decoding messages:
– Caesar cipher
– The Vigenère cipher
– 1D Barcode (UPC Code, EAN Code, Code 39, Code 128, ITF Barcode, Codabar Code, Barcode 93, MSI Plessey Barcode, UCC Barcode, …)
– 2D Barcodes (QR, Matrix Code, PDF417 Barcode, …)
– Character code: ASCII, UTF-8
– Morse code
Question 3:

  • Security when using Zoom application to teach online:
-Security when using Zalo application:
Nguồn: Tân tivi
– Secure personal information when using Google Chrome:

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