Unit 3- Question 1

It is true that technology affecting any aspects of our life both in a positive and negative ways. Now, I will show a few examples of how information can be extracted from data. First of all, if we download to use an app, each interaction with the app produces data like locations, personal information of users for app developers to use for functionality and marketing. And, social media especially websites such most favorite ones as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram just to name a few is one of the popular computer-based technologies that facilitates communication between people and sharing information whenever users visit those website then they leave enomous information, for example what users browse, interact online. Finally, with the growing popularity of online gaming, gamers and game platforms are targets for cyber criminals and hackers. Also users can leak big data when swiping a credit card or using a shopping member card. In short, anytime and anywhere we post things to social media, buy something with a credit card, even take a state standardized test, sign up an online course, fill out an online poll or exploit whatever means of approaching technology requiring users’ entering personal information, cyber users need to, in all circumstances, carefully consider to what extent they should share their own data.

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