What will cyber attacks look like in the future?

Experts predict a cyberattack is expected to happen every 11 seconds in 2021. In 2019, that rate was 19 seconds and in 2016 it was 40 seconds. In the future, cyber attacks could happen every second.

Cybersecurity experts predict the financial loss posed by ATM threats will amount to $6 trillion by the end of 2021. Cyber-attack incidents are also expected to occur every 11 seconds in in 2021. In 2019, that speed was 19 seconds and in 2016 it was 40 seconds. In the future, cyber attacks could happen every second. As a result, we will see an increase in frequency and significant financial losses for victims.

  1. Deepfake and malicious call

The Deepfake trend started in 2019 when threat actors innovated their tools and technologies for malicious and entertainment purposes, such as illegal pornography. In the future, cybercriminals will call customer service centers using synthetic voices to decipher whether organizations have the tools and technology to detect their activity. One of the main areas that will be targeted will be the banking sector.

As companies begin to implement voice technology and individuals adopt digital assistant technologies like Alexa and Siri, fraudsters will also continue to explore potential opportunities in the voice economy. (voice economy). According to Pin Drop statistics, 90 voice attacks took place every minute in the US. 1 out of 796 calls to the call center were malicious calls.

Some of the challenges companies will face include protecting voice interactions, privacy concerns, and supporting call centers with tools and solutions to detect and prevent them. prevent fraud.

  1. Security Cam video data breach

In March 2021, Bloomberg reported on a surveillance camera data breach. The breach gave hackers access to live feeds of more than 150,000 security cameras located at companies, hospitals, prisons, police departments and schools. Major companies affected include Cloudflare Inc. and Tesla Inc. Not only that, hackers can view live feeds from mental hospitals, women’s health clinics.

This scenario paints a vivid picture of the risk of a security camera video data breach and the consequences of a privacy breach.



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