Unit 2- Question 1

-Cyber security: Network security consists of the policies and practices adopted to prevent and monitor unauthorised access of a computer network, routers and other network-related resources. Network security includes protection of data and application in the network from cyber attacks (e.g. anti-malware), virtual private networks, firewall protection and network access control policies.
-Cyber Awareness: A computer network is a connection between computers to exchange data between each other. connecting all regions around the world
-Cyber safety: Network is the environment in which information is provided, transmitted, collected, processed, stored and exchanged through telecommunications and computer networks. Because the computer network belongs to everyone, it is necessary to raise the level of personal protection to a high level because if the computer network is not secure, it will be easy to penetrate and lose information. Therefore, network security is a matter of great concern when participating in computer network exploitation
For network security is an essential need for everyone including students. Students need to build at least basic knowledge of network security when participating in information mining on the network.
For students, first of all, it is necessary to let them know the benefits and harms of computer networks. And students need to have basic knowledge of network security. Then we build some situations for students to handle based on the knowledge they have learned.
High school students need to know
1. To outline some basic concepts of networking, cybersecurity, and security of personal information in the cyber environment; basic contents of the Law on Cybersecurity;
2. To secure personal information, be alert to intrusions, dissemination of malicious code, fake information on the internet …

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