Unit 5 _ Question 1

    1. Share with us your top 5-10 code of ethics statements for using technology in the classroom or your professional workplace.

    Nowadays, technology plays an important role in the classroom. Teaching is not just following the traditional ways with whiteboards and chalks but applying technology to arouse students’ interest. Therefore, regardless of traditional or digital teaching, it is advisable to have codes of conducts to appear a well-behaved citizen in the digital world. Followings are ethics statements for using technology in the classroom taking the website https://online.nwmissouri.edu/articles/education/ethics-technology-use-classroom.aspx as a reference:

    1. The importance of cultural consideration and respecting differences

    You have to take the issue of culture into consideration avoiding race, gender discriminations. Moreover, respecting other people’s different critical thoughts and staying away from using taboo words or insulting also get great concerns when participating an online community.

    1. Honesty

    You will be honest and respect Copyright law, Fair Use Act and Creative Commons matter. Students learn how to credit and acknowledge cited resources to avoid plagiarism in using and sharing content.

    1. Exploring appropriate and safe sites for learning and research.

    Many websites contain inaccurate or false information. Students need to be critical evaluating websites and exploit in case the trust the content

    1. Helping prevent cyberbullying

    Students should learn adequately that cyberbullying has a bad consequences of how hurtful and damaging it can be. Therefore, they should report any cyberbullying incident to teachers, or their parents timely.

    1. The importance of self-image

    Students should be carefully alerted with what they post in a digital world showing how future employers look up candidates’ social media accounts to see how they represent themselves in public.

    1. Being responsible

    Students should take care of school technology assets. Students must care how reliable of what they download, click and share with malware and viruses running rampant.


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