Unit 5 – Question 1


1.Technology improves attention:

For all the visual learners out there, watching educational videos is a great alternative to traditional learning.

2.Technology promotes collaboration and team building:

For example, by using cloud storage, students can easily send and access files whether they are at home or school.

3.Prepare students for the future:

Many traditional jobs today require a basic level of Information Technology. It also prepares you for several other key skills such as self-guided research and critical thinking.

4.Improved teacher support:

Through educational apps and tools, teachers can easily track each student’s progress. There are also some other uses such as tracking class attendance and behavior.

5.Self-guided learning:

Another advantage of using technology in the classroom is that it encourages students to use their initiative and guide themselves.

6.Allows learning on mobile devices:

Educational apps are also more likely to engage students than traditional homework assignments. Additionally, tools like educational videos can explain concepts much more clearly than textbooks or traditional worksheets. It also encourages allowing users to do their own research and take control of their learning.

7.Supporting students with special needs:

Finally, technology can be an incredibly helpful tool when dealing with children with special needs or requirements. For example, for students with poor coordination and slow handwriting, a laptop or tablet will allow them to keep up with their peers…

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