QTS_Unit 3_Question 2

Ways in which people can leave a trail of information with the use of technology

When we use a new application, it is common for an application to make data migration between a local device and another device. application server, which can create security and privacy risks. Each interaction with the app generates data – information the app may need to function (e.g. location for directions) and information the app developer uses to improve functionality and marketing. Users need to consider carefully because we will leave information traces the data we are giving away is a valuable commodity that needs to be protected.

Or when we use location services in applications such as GPS navigation systems on our smartphones, other people will determine your location.

Or when you share a photo on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., the digital photo may also contain identifying information. Looking at the image will convey information about the screenshot with the exact date, time and location as well as the file type and size. When was the photo taken and where is it located? If we don’t want others to follow us, first make sure you’ve increased the privacy settings on your public photos.

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