Unit 2 – Question 3


The implementation of the project in school is a new activity in education where I live. The informatics program is also not interested in teaching students and understanding privacy when collecting information. I plan to hold a lecture on this content.

Subject: 10th grade students

Duration: 30 minutes

Main ideas:

  1. How is ‘privacy’?
  2. Why do we need to understand privacy?
  3. How to ensure privacy in data collection for a school project?

Via research projects (e.g. surveys, interviews) that ask users to enter data about themselves. Considering how data is handled, stored and used during the design and project process is critical. In the design of their projects, students should consider:

  • What types of data is being collected (about people, places and things)?
  • What is personal and private information? Is all the data collected necessary and useful?
  • What tools are being used and what are the data and security terms and conditions? (e.g. programming platform or survey tool)
  • How is the identity of participants/users protected?
  • How are participants/users informed about any data collection and storage strategies?
  • Who has authorised access to the data? (e.g. a team, individual, teacher)
  • What would be the implication or risks if someone unauthorised had access to the data?
  • How and where will students collect and store the information so that it is kept safe from unauthorised users?
  • What happens to the data once the project has ended? (e.g. deleted or kept with the teacher)


See my lesson plan at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MylW8QnVgjlFkhlSMk2thzeURYoEWE73/view?usp=sharing

Useful video: Privacy and data protection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNEPaGFApX4


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