Unit 5- Question 2_Ngoc

Computer Science Ethics

Computer or cyber ethics is a fundamental topic in computer science and professional practice. Developing an ethical mindset and the ability to critique the design of technologies from an ethical perspective ensures the solutions are inclusive for all.

Ethics underpins our behaviour both on and offline and should be inherent in our use of, and the development of new technology. The Ethical Understanding capability is embedded across all learning areas in the Australian Curriculum, providing opportunity to scaffold student’s development to make reasoned ethical judgements. Ethics are the rules of behaviour accepted by society but ultimately reflect the values, attitudes and beliefs of the individual. Choices are influenced by ethical principles and do not always present as right or wrong but can often involve a dilemma.

I am living and working in Vietnam. For that reason, I choose the website: “https://cand.com.vn/Cong-nghe/Tr-17-Dao-duc-va-mang-xa-hoi-i541808/” to teach students mine and share with the online community.

In the article on the web site. It is said that about 34% of students in sub-Saharan Africa who responded to the survey said they had been bullied online.

From there, it shows that, in order for students to have a good educational experience, it is necessary to improve both the real-life learning environment as well as the online environment.

For users, they are confused as to how secure their information is by companies and whether it is illegally exploited. This is a question for those who are working in the information technology industry, related to professional ethical standards in the industry.

This fact shows that many training programs in information technology focus on knowledge and technical training with little ethical responsibility. They do not understand, in the technology industry, it is very necessary to have humanity and social ethics. Knowledge in this area includes ethics in information technology; ethics in information technology with professionals and users; computer and information technology crime; violation of privacy; freedom of speech; intellectual property infringement…

The unscrupulousness of many people working in the technology sector and the indifference of the network operators also “abetted” hackers to attack the information networks of important agencies around the world…

It’s time for the law to take action. The law was born with the purpose of protecting the moral values ​​and standards of the community. If there is no law to protect or the law is not strong enough to protect, moral values ​​will be eroded.

Technology and social networks are a “world” of confusion between virtual and real; mixed with the good, the useful is the bad. It is a flawed “world” with countless virtual relationships established because of anonymity and lax management that bad guys can steal information right in front of the owner, can curse freely. without incurring any moral or legal responsibility.

Management must be tightened by law and ethical standards with not only technology creators, service providers, website owners, bloggers, but also members of social networks or technology users. All of them are responsible for violations of morality and law.




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