QTS unit 5-question 1

Here are 5 code of ethics when using technology in workplace anhd study:
1. Learn and comply with the terms of use of the social network service provider before registering, participating in a social network.

2. It is recommended to use the full name, personal real name, real name of the organization or agency and register with the service provider to verify the nickname, website address, contact point when participating, using use social networks.

3. Take measures to self-manage and secure social network accounts and promptly notify relevant authorities and service providers when an organization's or individual's account is out of control or faked. impersonating, taking advantage and using it for unhealthy purposes, affecting national security and social order and safety, and affecting the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals.

4. Share information from official and reliable sources.

5. Have acts and behave in accordance with the ethical values, culture and traditions of the Vietnamese nation; do not use words that cause hatred, incite violence, or discriminate against regions, genders, or religions.

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