Unit 5 – Question 3

– How to protect students themselves from cyberbullying. This can happen on social media, messaging platforms, gaming platforms, and mobile phones. Examples include:

+ Spreading lies or posting shameful photos of someone on social media

+ Sending offensive messages or threats through messaging platforms that impersonate someone and send malicious messages to others on their behalf.

– How to protect yourself when shopping on the Internet. Online shopping has become popular these days. However, this is extremely dangerous because websites that spoof e-commerce platforms in Vietnam have payment links such as online banks such as ebanking-shopee.vn, ibanking-shopee.vn, ibank-shopee.vn, ebankingshopee .vn, ibankingshopee. .vn, mobilebanking-shopee.vn, shopeemobilebanking.vn … Links to access these fraudulent websites are sent via SMS, email, … or call. login passwords. , OTP code for making transactions with the aim of crediting money to the client’s account.

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