QTS_Unit 4_Question 2

1. Do not use sequential numbers or letters

For example, do not use 1234, qwerty, jklm, 6789, etc.

2. Do not include your birth year or birth month/day in your password

Remember that cyber criminals can easily find this information by snooping into your social media accounts.

3. Use a combination of at least eight letters, numbers, and symbols

The longer your password and the more character variety it uses, the harder it is to guess. For example, M0l#eb9Qv? uses a unique combination of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

4. Combine different unrelated words in your password or passphrase

This makes it difficult for cyber criminals to guess at your password. Do not use phrases from popular songs, movies, or television shows. Use three or four longer words to create your passphrase. For example, 9SpidErscalKetobogGaN.

5. Do not use names or words found in the dictionary

Substitute letters with numbers or symbols to make it difficult to guess the password. Or deliberately use spelling errors in the password or passphrase. For example, P8tty0G#5dn for “patio garden.”

6. Use a password manager to store your passwords

Do not store your passwords in a document on your computer. Make sure you’re using the password manager tool provided to you by the IT/support team to store all professional and personal passwords.

7. Do not reuse your passwords

Every device, application, website, and piece of software requires a unique and strong password or PIN. Remember, if a cyber criminal does guess one of your passwords, they will use this to attempt hack into all of your personal and professional accounts.

Remember never to share your passwords with anyone. This includes your colleagues, the IT/support team, customer service/helpdesk personnel, family members, and friends.

Also, be aware of phishing emails, smishing texts, and vishing calls that ask for your password information – do not reply or provide any personal information including your password, date of birth, address, or credit card details.

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