Unit 2 – Question 1

Cyber Security is a specialized term in the field of information technology. This is an integrated system of activities to ensure the safety of information and data on computers, servers, and mobile devices from attacks via the Internet. The purpose is to prevent and minimize the risks of unauthorized network intrusion. Currently, a lot of cyber security attacks are aimed at stealing data and personal information. Therefore, Cyber Security will become an effective tool to ensure the benefits and identity support for individuals, organizations and businesses.

Cyber Awareness is building our knowledge, attitudes and behaviors in protecting our information and assets. For example, creating strong password and two-factor authentication, awareness of data by using and misuse, cyber attack awareness, knowing online data is permanent, up-to-date policies and procedures,…

Cyber safety is managing and collaborating online safely and responsibly. By citing original authors, collaborating responsibly, sharing thoughtfully, considering ‘digital footprint’, applying a code of ethics, applying safe settings, being careful with devices and tools.

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